The following list is not claimed to be, nor intends to be, exhaustive. Singles League officials reserve the right to make decisions on any situation that will best benefit the Singles League as a whole.

1: Contact details for all players in the relevant division will be provided to all players. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of all players to ensure that their contact details are up to date. In practice, this will mean that all players must ensure all other players in their division, and the Singles League officials, are aware of a contact detail alteration and are provided with new details. Failure to notify all relevant people may result in a standard penalty.


2: Entry fees for the Singles League season are set at £10. This must be paid in cash at Cambridge Snooker Centre before the closing date.

3: Players will be expected to pay half of all match fees throughout the season. Match fees are set at £10 per match, regardless of match duration. Cambridge Snooker Centre reserves the right to levy an extra charge for any match that exceeds 2.5h in duration.

4: Monies paid in will be subject to expenses, but after expenses are taken into consideration, all monies will be paid out. Expenses will incorporate printing costs and a £5, per division, administration fee. This season, all expenses will be covered by sponsorship so all entry and match fees will be paid out in prize money.

5: Prize money for this Singles League season will be entered into a pot for each division. Players withdrawing will directly affect the division they withdraw from. Divisional prize money, subject to entries, division size and completed matches;
  1st, 55% of divisional prize pot
  2nd, 30% of divisional prize pot
  3rd, 15% of divisional prize pot (decided by playoff)


6: All matches will take place at Cambridge Snooker Centre.

7: Divisions of 6-8 players will be scheduled to play 1-2 matches per month (June, July and August). Friday evening is the preferred time to play so divisions will have matches scheduled for set Fridays within the month. Players can reschedule, without penalty, to another mutually agreeable day if required.

8: Players that do not complete all their matches will not be eligible to receive a prize, or enter the playoff.

9: Matches will consist of 5 frames; all 5 frames must be played. Frames conceded may not count toward the match score, and players conceding may be subject to a standard penalty.

10: Players must use a coin-flip to decide who breaks first. Breaks are subsequently alternated between players.

11: Match scorecards should be completed accurately and with all requested information. A player's signature on the match card attests to the accuracy of the card. Any discrepancies in scorelines, or any other detail, should be phoned through to a Singles League official before signing the card.

12: One point will be awarded per frame won.

13: Matches will be played to the WPBSA’s official snooker rules, with the following changes. The miss rule will NOT be used, but players are expected to make a reasonable effort to escape from snookers. Frames are considered won as soon as the opponent needs all the remaining balls plus more than 2 minimum points snookers to draw (the player at the table may continue for the purpose of compiling a high break). Note that the minimum points snooker is 4 points, 5 points with only blue/pink/black on the table and 6 points with only pink/black on the table.

14: Division placings will be decided according to the following criteria, in the stated order: Points won, matches won, playoff. Playoff details will be released nearer the time. The playoff will take place on a Friday evening, at Cambridge Snooker Centre, early September.

15: Players withdrawing from the league, before the final month, will have all their results voided, and disregarded when compiling their divisional standings from then on. If a player withdraws in the final month their final match scores will be averages. The opponent will receive their average frames won per match, or the withdrawn players average frames lost per match (whichever is greater).


16: A standard penalty is a 1 point deduction. A second standard penalty within the same season will double, so a 2 point penalty. A third standard penalty within the same season will result in the offending player being removed from the league.


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